Caribbean Riders is located downtown Varadero we can easily be walked to each morning from the near some resorts or almost all B&B. If you are staying at another resort in Varadero we are still very easy to find. 

We recommend you to use app and download the Cuba map for offline use. This will make find our school more easy since is pinned on the map just look for "Caribbean Riders" at the app

The Caribbean Riders manager house(also a B&B) is located just 50m away from the spot and can be found in 53rd street #5306 between 1st and 2nd Avenue("Torres House"). You can come directly to us for bookings, rentals and lessons or call us to this number +53 52772388

Caribbean Riders can be reached by taking the tourist double decker bus which runs along the Autopista Sur highway and stops in 52nd street(just one block away from our spot). The fee for the bus is a modest 5 pesos for the entire day. Just wait at one of the bus stops on the highway and the tourist bus will pick you up in minutes as the buses run frequently through the day.

Upon arriving by bus look for the open beach access. Follow this path for 50m and you will see Caribbean Riders Kite School right on the beach.

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